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Surface-mounted protection solutions at events

Surface-mounted protection solutions at events

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Surface-mounted protection solutions at events

Create a safe and secure framework for your guests at your event with temporary protection solutions.

Our barrier hardware creates a safe environment, and your guests will experience a professional and safe environment at the moment they arrive at your event.

We deliver to all types of events where barriers are a necessity and important – such as towards public roadways, entrances, event site, stage areas, personnel areas, parking areas, or in connection with barriers as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

Our barrier hardware consists of:

  • different types of fencing, with/without draping
  • mobile boom solutions
  • mobile gates
  • mobile and automatic vehicle barriers (certified to European standards (PAS/IWA))

The manner in which the solutions interact creates a safe and secure environment.

The combination of vehicle barriers, perimeter fencing, and line-up gates create the necessary flow, and early information for the guests makes entry and exit through the solution agile.

Social distance is created with these solutions, and with the present COVID-19 situation, the authorities are particularly focused on these types of solutions.

Our many years of experience have granted us a wide view of specific barrier tasks. As a result, we are experienced in selecting just the right barrier. This allows you to safely attend work or participate in an event when protected by our barriers.

Contact us today, so we can assist you with rental of barrier hardware. Our full services includes everything from planning to transport, setup, and removal.

4 advantages of temporary barriers

Rent our temporary physical protection barriers for your event. Damasec Physical Protection Systems is responsible for advice regarding the security and physical protection and are the ones setting up the barriers.

Certified solutions

We guarantee that all temporary barriers are designed for hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) on stadiums, festivals, open areas, VIP visits, and more.

Easy access in emergencies

It is possible to add extra access points for emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire fighting vehicles.

Swift flow

Guests at your event are protected without them experiencing entering a fortified zone. It is easy to pass for both pedestrians and bicycles

Advertisement and information

As a bonus, Surface Guard can be equipped with advertisements, sponsorships, or information panels.

Concrete blocks do not mitigate speed

Concrete blocks (so-called “Hoffman” blocks) are used in many instances for barriers and hostile vehicle mitigation at events. But they are not a certified solution and will not effectively stop a hostile vehicle.

Below, you can see a crash test where a lorry climbs a concrete block. The test was made by DEKRA, and it clearly shows how ineffective concrete blocks are at protecting crowds behind the concrete block since the lorry pushes the concrete block in front of it and is not stopped effectively. DEKRA is the market leader in Europe for vehicle inspection and technical systems.

Crash test with certified barrier

As an organiser, you are also legally responsible for the safety and security at your event. Damasec’s certified vehicle barriers are backed by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, DSIS,  and Sikkerhedsbranchen (Danish Security Industry Organisation), who recommends all organisers to do the utmost when it comes to safety as the threat of terror today is serious wherever people are gathered.

Below is a crash test with a vehicle barrier certified to international standards: