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Consultancy, education, and execution

Consultancy, education, and execution

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We support you before, during, and after your event

Damasec Event Systems consult with you about the planning of your event – including security, safety, and education of your personnel.

With a practical experience and expertise in execution of larger and smaller event, we are able to help you with:

  • planning
  • site surveys
  • advisories
  • preparation of event security plans
  • preparation of traffic and signage plans
  • applications for authorities; police, fire departments, and councils
  • first responder preparedness
  • crowd safety personnel
  • stage crew.

Security and safety is part of our DNA

It is in our DNA to think safety and security and provide a feeling of safety for the organiser, personnel, and guests.

We are a strategic partner of Event Safety who has more than 20 years of experience creating safety and security to a high standard of quality. This is done through consultancy, education, and execution of festivals, live venues, and businesses. Event Safety is equipped with both the practical and theoretical knowledge about the many aspects of creating physical safety and security wherever people are gathered.

With our deep knowledge of crowd-safety management, we create the best framework for events, and we also provide education and first responder preparedness of high quality.

You are welcome to phone us for advice and input, so your personnel and guests can be safe from beginning to end.

Event Safety

Get off to a good start with your event

We help you with your event throughout the process – contact us today.

Our DNA is safety

The foundation for Damasec Global Group is safety. Our specialists have wide experience from defence operations and has security clearances from the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, DDIS.

20+ years of experience

Damasec Event Systems is based on solid experience and a network in the event industry, combined with experience from international projects where security and safety is of utmost importance.

Supplier to the UN and law enforcement

We are part of Damasec Global Group with 100 percent support from a team who supplies authorities, governments, law enforcement, and international organisations such as the UN and private businesses.

Effective project management

At Damasec, we have vast experience with project management. We do both consultancy and execution, while guiding you throughout the project.