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How to guard your event against the threat of terror

Midlertidige barrierer

The Danish Security and Intelligence Service, DSIS, recommends that all organisers protect their event against the threat of terror. We have collected some good advice about how you begin safeguarding your next event.

Follow this process, and you will have done your diligence so that the authorities approve your event plan:

  1. 1. Stop groping in the dark! The terror threat at events are spelt out by DSIS. Begin by reading Assessment of the terror threat to Denmark.
  2. Have analyses done on the concrete threat, vulnerabilities, and consequences for your event
  3. Have a needs-analysis done: Is there a need for “flow”, line-ups, evacuation routes, and/or access for emergency vehicles/personnel, service vehicles etc.?
  4. Consider protection against hostile vehicles – that is to say, setting up IWA-14 tested and certified solutions.

We can help you with all of this. Contact us on +45 7023 0093 to hear more about IWA14-certified solutions and receive our help to counter the threat and how best to meet your needs.


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