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Whistleblower programme

Whistleblower programme

Damasec’s whistleblower programme makes it possible to send information if situations arise where you experience or suspect illegalities or serious irregularities.

The programme can be used by employees, clients, collaboration partners, and suppliers.

Through Damasec’s whistleblower programme, you can anonymously send information about criticisable incidents to Damasec so it can be investigated. In such cases, though, it is important to give us as much information as possible with concrete facts when you report the incident.

The whistleblower programme is a supplement to the option of talking to your leader, HR, or the CEO, if you see criminal or other serious incidents at Damasec.

You can anonymously report the incident via email at whistleblower@damasec.com – with “Confidential” in the subject line.
Below, we have listed some of the questions we would like to be answered in connection with reporting through the whistleblower programme:

1. What are you reporting?
2. Which company is it about?
3. When and where did the incident occur? (Date, and preferably an approximate time and place of the observation)
4. Who is involved in the incident you are reporting?
5. What is that you suspect happened? (Date, and preferably an approximate time of the observation)
6. When did you came into possession of the information?
7. Are the reported actions still occurring?