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Create a festive and certified barrier at your next event

Festlig Surface Guardb

Surface-mounted protection/vehicle barriers at events need not be boring. They can show logos and be adorned to make a festive entrance portal.

Surface Guard protection barriers create a safe zone for the guests at all entrances to an event. It is flexible, is quick to set up (30 minutes for approx. 10 metres), and can quickly be dismantled. There is a smooth flow of guests through the system (both for pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists etc.) and is delivered with pass-through sections for emergency response vehicles and/or service vehicles.

Surface Guard is a vehicle barrier certified to the international IWA-14 standard, so that cars, lorries, and other vehicles cannot pass. But it absolutely do not need to be boring to block off the inner city or the roads around a larger festival.

Create a festive entrance for your next event while simultaneously heighten security. It is possible to adhere advertisements on the grey covers seen in the photo. Here are some examples on how to make the covers more festive. There is also the option to adhere instruction signage to the system, making it part of the information you want the guests to have as they arrive.

The cover for Surface Guard can also be made into a festive cover. Here it is with elephants:

Logo elefant


Sponsor logo at the entrance to ENGAGE Festival 2019:

ENGAGE Festival

The rental price of Surface Guard is extremely competitive and considering the flexibility, the price is lower than solutions utilising concrete blocks, lorries with sand, and other non-certified makeshift solutions to perimeter protection.

If you plan events, concerts, flea markets, Christmas markets, town square concerts, games of football, or you work for an authority or council, you are more than welcome to contact us to hear more about the system.

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