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ENGAGE Festival, Copenhagen and Skive 2019 and 2021

We are proud to contribute to the Veteran Foundation and ENGAGE Festival. ENGAGE Festival is a fest for everyone. The festival began in 2017 on Refshale Island in Copenhagen. ENGAGE aims to bring people closer together and show appreciation of everyone who has been deployed on behalf of Denmark.

Damasec Global Group is sponsor and has been in charge of security and safety at ENGAGE Festival on Refshale Island in 2019, and on the Citadel and Skive Barracks in 2021.

At the entrance to Refshale Island from 2019 you can see the Surface Guard and Rapid Defender vehicle barriers, which also function as physical protection for crowds of people if a hostile vehicle attempts to go through. They also work in the event that a car, lorry, or bus accidently goes astray. In the photos of the Citadel, we show our complete solutions as event suppliers.

ENGAGE 2021, Citadel, Copenhagen

ENGAGE 2019, Refshale Island, Copenhagen

Safety barriers with access for emergency services

  • Project Festival
  • Location Copenhagen and Skive
  • Year 2019 and 2021